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Foshan Tongdi Furniture Co., Ltd., is a focus on outdoor furniture production and outdoor product research, development, production and sales of Green Enterprises. Headquarter and R & D Base, set up in the scenic Sanshui District of Foshan known as the "Back garden of Guangzhou", the company has strong technology and R & D capabilities, is the national "863" project participants and practitioners.
Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the "People-oriented, integrity of the business" operating principle, gathering industry elites, advanced foreign science and Technology, enterprise experience with the specific domestic practice, so that enterprises in the competition market , always maintain strong vitality, so as to achieve rapid and stable development of enterprises.
The company has always been in accordance with GT/T26694-2011 "Furniture Green, design evaluation specification", GT/T28203-2011 "Technical requirements and test methods for furniture fittings", GT28478-2012 "Safety requirements for outdoor leisure furniture: table and chair products", GT/ T35607-2017 "Green product evaluation furniture", GT/T38466-2020 "Rattan furniture general technical conditions" and other standards and norms production, and through ISO2000 international quality system verification.
The company has a reasonable talent structure, with high and intermediate technical titles of many employees, In order to develop outdoor furniture products that are truly suitable for the market demand, enterprises communicate effectively with domestic and foreign customers through regular and irregular ways, and closely follow the technical and industry development characteristics of outdoor furniture, to enable customers to get the best quality product experience.
Company products to stainless steel rattan, stainless steel plastic, aluminum rattan, aluminum plastic, iron rattan, iron plastic and other different materials, after scientific research, the perfect combination of science and technology and hand-woven together, make our products have a“Embrace nature, return to nature, into nature, green technology” characteristics. Our products are mainly applicable to family (balcony, terrace, Villa Swimming Pool Leisure Area) , bar, hotel, coffee bar, leisure bar, hot spring, water bar, resort, Beach Leisure area, theme park, playground, community public facilities and other places, Our products are deeply loved by customers in more than 70 countries in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., won a good reputation. "Green technology, enjoy life" is always the unremitting pursuit of us.

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